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Our PLC Based Automatic Slotting Machine

Option Auto is offering one of most finest PLC Based Automatic Slotting Machine, which is used for Casing and Ribbed Screen PVC Pipes that find usage in modern day bore wells. This machine is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that has been developed indigenously and is provided to numerous PVC Pipe Plants in India as well as in global arena. The special design of the machine allows it to cut slots on PVC Pipes accurately and swiftly. This quality Slotting Machine can be availed in three different sizes viz Pipe dia 40 – 60 mm, 80 – 250 mm and 100 – 400 mm.

Features of PLC Based Automatic Slotting Machine

This machine operates in Auto mode with the press of one button only for completing the slotting process of three meter long pipe. It operation does not require a skilled operator.

The PLC Based Automatic Slotting Machine has following salient features:
  • Provided with H.S.S cutters, powered with 15 HP A.C Motor
  • Cuts slot at one-foot length per stroke at a time
  • Controlled by PLC with MMI [Man Machine Interface]
  • Separate push buttons are provided for in-build individual control of each motion
  • In-build dust collector for neat and clean operation
  • Dust can be collected and recycled for making pipes. This saves extensive raw material cost.
The machine can also be customized as per the various international standards, on the basis of the requirements of customers. For efficient operation, this Automatic Slotting Machine requires maximum of 20 HP AC power and a connection of AIR line with 6 bar pressure.

Manufacturing Facilities

Option Auto is fully equipped with balanced production facilities which include SPMs (Special Purpose Machines) that are based on the most modern technology and are featured with high quality, reliability, and good performance. In addition to our manufacturing facilities, we also have various other facilities under one roof that includes designing, fabrication, and other. There are also other facilities for the supplying of machinery, equipment, devices, assembly and spares.

Assurance With Commitment

We assure you that by registering Option Auto name in your list of approved suppliers / vendors, you will definitely benefit your business without any glitch. We are looking forward for your response that will enable us to serve your prestigious organization by fulfilling your requirements.

For further quotation or information, kindly e-mail the following to us:
  • Contact Name, Telephone, E-mail, etc.
  • Company Contact Information (address, website, etc.)
  • Machine requirements such as Pipe Size to be slotted or threaded, slots or threaded sizes, etc.
  • Any other / extra information that you need to know from us.